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Original Film Title: Što se bore misli moje
Film Title in English: THE DUKE & THE POET
Directed by: Milorad Milinković
YOP: 2023
Genre: Historical Thriller, Romance
Languages: Serbian, English (English subtitles)
Running Time: 136 min


While a deadly conspiracy was plotted against him to thwart the liberation of Serbia from the Ottoman rule, the Serbian Duke, in love with his much younger cousin, is torn between his sense of duty and his feelings. This historical thriller – romance is based on real events.

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Dragan Mićanović as Duke Mihailo Obrenović

Nebojša Dugalić as Milivoje Petrović Blaznavac

Miloš Timotijević as Đorđe Čogurić

Jana Ivanović as Katarina Konstantinović

Nataša Ninković as Anka Konstantinović

Luka Grbić as Marko Košarić

Aleksandar Srećković „Kubura“

Maja Čampar – Milica Đorđević

Tamara Krcunović as Radmila Košarić

Aleksandar Srećković Kubura as Kosta Radovanović

Written by: Milorad Milinković, Dragoljub Stojković

Director of Photography: Dalibor Tonković

Edited by: Stevan Marić

Music by: Ana Krstajić

Production Design by: Ana Milošević

Costume by: Dragica Laušević

Sound Design: Zoran Maksimović, Ognjen Popić

Make-up Designer: Jasmina Lilić


Produced by: Telekom Srbija & Bombona Film Production
Producers: Vladimir Lučić, Milorad Milinković, Aleksandra Martinović
Executive Producer: Miroslav Mogorović

Supported by: Dunav Insurance, City of Belgrade, and Film Center Serbia


Milorad Milinkovic

Screenwriter and director, was born in Belgrade (Serbia) in 1965. He graduated from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad (Serbia), Department of Film Direction.

Subsequently, Milorad wrote or co-wrote and directed another six successful feature films, directed ten feature TV series, wrote two novels, and seven plays for Belgrade theaters, and he has been for years one of Chasers in the Serbian version of the famous ITV’s quiz „The Chase.“

Milorad’s graduation film, a documentary about a local punk legend, Satan Panonski (1991), was very successful and the only work from the ex-Yugoslavia invited to the Barcelona Biennial. His first feature film, the black comedy Mrtav ‘ladan (2002), had over 300,000 admissions in cinemas, and the following TV series was even more successful with the audience and re-runned numerous times.


THE DUKE & THE POET (Što se bore misli moje) (2023) – co-writer/ director
FRONT PAGE MIDGETS (Patuljci sa naslovnih strana) (2018) – writer / director
FIFTH BUTTERFLY (Peti Leptir) (2014) – co-writer/ director
ZDUHAČ MEANS ADVENTURE (Zduhač – znači avantura) (2011) – writer/director
ORBITUARY FOR ESCOBAR (Čitulja za Eskobara) (2008) – writer/ director
CHASING LUCK(Y) (Potera za Sreć(k)om) (2005) – co-writer/ director
FROZEN STIFF (Mrtav ‘Ladan) (2002) – writer/ director
SATAN PANONSKI (1991) – documentary, writer/ director

Director's note

This year marks the bicentennial of the birth of probably one of the best, but certainly one of the  most important rulers this country ever had, Duke Mihailo Obrenovic III. We think that life, and especially the tragic death of this great man, deserves at least one good film. Incredible, but largely unknown historical events surrounding the assassination of Duke Mihailo are a fantastic template for a deep and very emotional film story. The story respects established historical facts to the letter. We just supplemented them by adding our interpretations of what is not known and most probably never will be. In these parts in between, we imagined what could’ve happened. We filled the empty spaces, dealt with the artistic core, not at all with the history rehashing.

This is the film about the last seven days in the life of Duke Mihailo, with flashbacks about important historical events.


58 th Nis Film Festival, Serbia – Special Jury Mention for the actress Jana Ivanovic Vienna Balkan Film Festival, Austria
48 th Mojkovac Film Festival, Montenegro – The Best Supporting Actress – Maja Čampar
13 th Vancouver Serbian Film Festival, Canada
10 th Chicago Serbian Film Festival, USA
22 nd Toronto Serbian Film Festival, Canada
21 st Serbian Film Festival, Australia


International sales

Production company

Bombona Film Production



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